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Enjoy the full flavors and nicotine of tobacco withOUT the smoke!

The CloudNine portable tobacco vaporizer:  $299 Buy Now

This vaporizer features:

        Simplicity No complicated temperature settings to deal with, simply load your tobacco, press the start button, and inhale!

        Fast Warm Up Time Within 20 seconds of starting the unit from COLD, you will have breathable vapor from dry tobacco.  (Under 10 seconds from warm.)

        True Forced Air Convection Vaporization This vaporizer is a forced air convection type, as further described in the FAQ.

        Battery or Wall Power Operation This vaporizer can be used for more than one hour of continuous use from the internal batteries (slightly more than 20 three minute sessions), or indefinitely when powered by the included wall power adapter.

        Compact Size At only 6.25 long by 2.75 wide by 1.75 deep, (160 x 70 x 45 mm) it can easily fit into a pocket or purse.

        Sturdy Construction The case is metal, therefore less breakable than other models which are made from plastic.

        Safety Timer The unit automatically shuts off after approximately six minutes.  (No worries; if six minutes of vaporization time is not enough, you can immediately restart the unit and continue vaporizing, this is merely a safety feature to prevent you from forgetting it on.)

        Superior Quality Designed and manufactured with care in the United States of America, and comes with a full one year warrantee.


How to Use:  Either twist the mouthpiece tube into the end of your favorite cigarette to fill it with tobacco, OR put some loose tobacco in the end of the mouthpiece tube, then place the mouthpiece tube into the heating block, press the power button, and in about 20 seconds you can start enjoying the flavors and active ingredients you are accustomed to, all WITHOUT any of the usual bitter tasting and harsh smoke that comes with normal smoking.

Why the name Cloud9?  Because the vapor you breathe from this device is similar to a cloud, in that all the volatile compounds in your tobacco are vaporized into a gas, and then condense into a mist, just like clouds in the sky are formed from condensed water vapor.  In addition, you and your lungs will feel like you are on cloud nine when you experience tasty vapor rather than harsh smoke.



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